Dead Computer Troubleshooting

Looks like another dead computer on my hands. Computer overheated then shut down. Video card was superhot, cleaned it out and reinserted it, but nothing is happening at all when I hit the power switch. Does this seem like another dead motherboard?

There's a green power light on the motherboard indicating power is coming in, however, nothing happens at all when I hit the power switch.

Any clues?

My guess is the motherboard is dead. Unfortunately it had 2 other similar failures in the last few days. I cleaned it out previously and thought it would be ok. But I guess not.
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  1. Yes, probably. This hapened to me once. My GPU overheated (because of constant overclock) and eventually my whole comp failed.
  2. Problem solved! Surprisingly it was the graphics card that died! GSO 9600 GT I believe. What surprised me is that the computer wouldn't even start the boot up process while it was plugged in. It has an extra power supply in the back of it. Once I unplugged that though, the computer began the start up process. So I switched video cards and voila I'm back online!!

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