Overclock Problem; OC Genie II; A10-5800k

Windows 8
AMD A10-5800k w/ 7660D @ 3.8GHz OC => 4.2GHz
MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 mATX => Bios v1.5 (Latest Bios v.)
Raidmax RX-530SS (530w)
Crucial Ballistix Elite (4gb 2x2gb @ 1866MHz CL9)
Sentey Eagle Plus Extreme Division midTower

Well first off, Hello Toms Hardware. This is my first post in this forum, as well as a first time overclocker.
My problem is as follows;

My PC runs fine playing, say Far Cry 3 in 720p medium settings. Without over clocking i can still achieve around 25-36fps. Which isn't bad, but of course we always want more! ;)

So this is where the overclocking comes in. I load up my BIOS - UEFI, and activate OC Genie II. Loads fine, temps running beautifully, getting a max of 4200MHz. So i begin to load up Far Cry 3 and it runs fine, I can get about 10fps boost with the OC, but then after about 10 minutes or less of gameplay my PC resets. So, first thing i do is turn off the OC, and do some research. I got prime95 (Blend on v2.7.9 build 1 (64bit)), and ran it 3.5 hours with max cpu temps of 65c and 55c on the individual cores. I know, i need to run it for 12+ hours yadadada, but I was just looking for a crash. Not 24-hour game session stability.

So, as of that, I've ruled out the CPU/Memory instability. I am now downloading 3DMark11 to stress my GPU while OC'ed. See if that will cause and instant crash. (Will update when post test.)
*Update: Goes through both demos, and freezes at a white screen right after the second demo.

Another thing, in my MSI Control Center says my 12v rail, i believe that's what its referring to, is 12.3v. Within' the 5% mark, so all is good there I hope.

Would appreciate some feedback, on possible issues that I haven't seen, or addressed. All opinions welcome; Hate or Love.

And again Hello, Toms Hardware.

p.s. Let me know if you want screenshots of the auto OC settings, ect.
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