AMD 890fx motherboards and compatible heatsink

1st time builder here so looking for as much feedback as possible. The 890fx mobos were released this month but not sure which is best. The reviews on Newegg weren't really helping me in making a rational choice. All the motherboards are close in price but I would think the only legitimate contenders would be from Asus or Gigabyte.]]

Build will include 8gb of Ripjaws 1600 ddr3 ram (4x2), 1 5850 GPU, and no overclocking other than whats needed to get ram up to 1600. So my new question is since the 890gx boards have onboard video how do I pick out and heatsink fan that I can be sure will fit. Any suggestions here would be appreciated. I don't want to over spend on the cooler but naturally I don't want to fry the board either.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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  1. your cpu comes with a stock factory cooler and you will only need a better cooler if you gonna overclock

    but to find a cooler just look for a cooler thats Am3 compatible the cooler master hyper 212+ is a good budget option
  2. Actually those are 890GX - 890FX slated for April 26th release IIRC Actually a lot more mobo makers yet to put their 890GXes into the market like Asrock, ECS, etc
  3. here is the link for the new 890fx on newegg

    ASUS Crosshair IV Formula is the best from my stand point!!!!
  4. Crosshair is not necessary unless you plan on Crossfiring 4 cards. The 890gx is more than adequate for crossfiring 2 cards. Im not sure if a 16x 16x 2 PCIE slot motherboard exists from the 890 series.
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