No matter what I do I cant format the Cruzer Edge USB flash drive I always have

I cant format my uSB FLASH DRIVE I tried using CMD promt, I tried using the disk management and the like is there any other way that I can format the drive and everytime I plug it in the anti virus detects virus and cant access to delete it
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  1. Boot to a live cd and format it from there. Unbuntu live disk would work fine, or a winpe one if you've got access to that.
  2. Had this problem with my curzer disk. I used Dos command Diskpart.
    Open a cmd prompt w/admin privilage.
    Enter the followinf commands:
    .. Diskpart list disk.
    .. diskpart select disk n (n is the number for the usb drive from above.
    .. diskpart detail disk (to verify you selected the correct drive)
    .. Dispart clean ( removes all MBRs)


    Dispart /? should display all parameters (switches).
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