Installed New Cpu stuck on motherboard screen

Specs -

Mobo: Asus p5kc
Old Cpu: Pentium D 3.0ghz
New Cpu: Intel Core 2 DUO E7500 2.93GHz Wolfdale 1066MHz FSB

When I installed new cpu and re-mounted the heatsink (golden orb II), started the PC back up, the startup gets frozen at the Motherboard Splash screen. "Asus P5kc" "press delete to enter setup" etc. It is completely frozen and wont enter setup or anything. After trying many things, e.g. removing bat and leaving out for 15 mins to reset cmos... still same issue. So I re-installed the old cpu and away it goes again no problems. Whats the issue here? is the e7500 not compatable? or is there sumthing I need to change...
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  1. Did you update the BIOS before installing the new CPU?

    It's supported, but the ASUS website says that the BIOS must be updated before using a 45nm CPU like the E7500.
  2. Gah, I thought as much :S

    Thanks - Altho I've got a different issue now trying to find an asus bious update tool (v2.36) for windows 7... The asus website doesnt have support for windows 7.

    I tried the vista 64bit (as im running windows 7 ultimate 64bit)

    Any Ideas?
  3. No Probs, just used the bios's EZ Flash and away I went. Cheers for help
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