Cant get max read/write out of OCZ VERTEX 3 MAX IOPS SATA III 2.5" SSD

I have this SSD : and this motherboard :

test results :
I Connected the ssd via Sata cable to SATA 3 ports. And i run the SSD benchmark then the result is only 365MB/s red only but should be up to 550MB.
And the read is only 119.

can anybody tells me what seems to be the problem.
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  1. Just a reminder. The numbers advertised are obtained in labs under optimal conditions. And they advertised performance as UP TO xxx MB/s. The catch word is UP TO meaning your performance can be anywhere from 0 to xxx MB/s. So technically is not a problem with SSD.
  2. Your problem is the marvell controller. It's not a real sata 6.0 speed. Like my x58 asus sabertooth, it uses 1x pci express lane (up to 500 MB/s) for it's bandwidth. The controller itself is not very good and many many people have stability problems with it. I use the intel ICH10R sata 3.0 ports on the mobo and they work awesome. granted, you limited to only 300/300 read/write, but heck man, can you really tell the difference?

    My suggestion is to move the SSD to the intel port and make sure that ACHI is turned on in the bios for the intel ports. Run your numbers again. Your reads will be less, but your writes will be more than double.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I think a lot the difference especialy for the write speeds. I copy and move 500k files per day. :)
    The HDD performace is crucial to me
  4. thats a pretty slow write speed.....
  5. As wicked snow said - problem is with the Marvell controller - use the Intel sata II - will work better. Or you can get a pci to sata III controller.
  6. Well, I don't know anything about your "Marvel controllers" because I don't know anything aoubt contollers, but I do know what help me out somewhat.

    This page:

    I did the stuff on this page and it sped me up somewhat. Also remember that the program you are using is NOT the same type of program that everyone else is using to guage the speed of your drive. I had the exact same problem that you have and did the same thing. Here is the correct program to use: "bench32 by ATTO."

    These two things should bring you up to speed but not all the way. Why? IDK. Maybe these motherboard companies were caught flat footed by the dramatic increase in the speed of the drives. Whatever..

    Hope this helps.

  7. x58 mobos are 4 years old (I think) when they came out they said they had sata III ports - big deal nothing could test them. After ssds became faster the x58 mobos with Marvell controllers were exposed as having inferior sata III ports. Many people with these mobos get better performance using the Intel sata II ports.
  8. You are probably running in IDE instead of AHCI. There are guides to do it online, but basically you have to change a registry key, reboot, go into bios and change it, and viola you will have your read/write speeds.
  9. As i mentioned before, it's a first gen sata 6.0 controller that's additionally, not a very good controller in the first place. (being a 9128 marvell).

    I run a 256 crucial M4 myself. It's benched read writes are 415-460 read and 260-300 writes, depending on mobo/controller. Considering that I run 292 read and 288 writes, i'm totally hitting my max limit with my sata-2 controller. (keeping in mind there is some small overhead.)

    That's not limiting my writes in any way. (for this SSD at least.) My reads, meh, a little. It's so fast you just don't notice.

    As I also mentioned before, check your bios to verify that your running your controller in AHCI mode.

    As far as the tweaks listed above, there are many tweaks out there, but most do nothing for speed. They mostly serve to keep your SSD lasting along time. Bottom line, tweaks that were meant to help HDD's, hurt SSD's.

    Disable your pagefile, disable superfech (in services.msc), disable defragging, and turn off indexing.

    Basically all these tweaks do is reduce very unessisary read/writes to your SSD (in otherwords, thrashing) that can hurt an SSD's lifespan due to a finite amount of read/writes they can perform. They do help give you a little more speed on tap, just not noticeable.

    There are many more tweaks that can help you, but the ones I listed are the most important. However, staying on track with your current problem, these tweaks will not fix a faulty controller. As I mentioned before, move your SSD to the intel controller, verify AHCI in the bios, reboot. Run your tests, be happier or sadder, then apply the tweaks I posted and reboot.

    Be Happy!

    My advice costs 1 beer per suggestion!
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