Is my 5850's DVI port defective???

Hi Everyone,

I recently built a new PC with a 5850, and whenever I have my monitor hooked up to one of the card's DVI ports, the screen is significantly dimmer. (The other port seems to be fine, though.) Also, whenever I shut down/log off Windows 7 when the monitor is connected to this port, the "Fade Effect" is all flickery like there's no 3D acceleration. While the second problem is only a minor annoyance, the first problem is really starting to bother me. Could this be hardware related, or is it more likely that it's some driver problem? Anyone else experiencing similar issues?
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  1. Bumpity Bump Bump Bump...
  2. Try the following in any combo:
    Reinstall drivers
    Switch 5850 to different PCI-E slots
    Switch to another DVI port or use a different connector
  3. Okay, well I tried switching the 5850 to a different slot, because it was the only thing I hadn't tried yet, and it didn't help. (But thanks for the advice, sabot!) So, is it most likely that my card is defective?
  4. MAybe, if it's one monitor you could just use the working plug or RMA.
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