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As I dig around the internet for advice and configures on overclocking my RIIIE, I thought I'd solicit here for experience from those who've already gone through the process.

I have a RIIIE with an i7-950, and 3x2GB Corsair Dominator 1600MHz (though it's currently running at 1200MHz, need to look into how to fix that.)

What's the best way you've found to OC your RIIIE? Is TurboV as reliable as modifying settings in the BIOS?

Has anyone got an opinion on optimal configuration for the Corsair Dominators? Should I run with the 9-9-9@1600 or a lower speed with faster timings?
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  1. Do not use any utilities to OC or modify your BIOS. edit: In fact uninstall them.

    Set the RAM Speed {DRAM Frequency = 1600}, CAS {DRAM Timing Control per the Dominator's}, and QPI/DRAM Voltage manually {per the Dominator's}.
  2. I have a R3 and have only started with my OCing since I'm getting a new case and I think I have to re-install my HS as my temps are pretty high for my cooler...

    Anyway, so far I'm running my i7950 @3.4 with my BLCK set to 148@ stock voltage. That puts my Mushkin Blackline @1720 (rated for 1600 CAS7) @1.65v. I also lowered my "uncore" voltage from 1.4 to 1.24 without any issue (may go lower but so far hasn't affected temps). 1.4 was "auto" settings. All other settings are stock so far.

    Once I get my temps to where they should be with my cooler (and in the new case maybe) I'll shoot for more speed.

    And so far I've used TurboV, BIOS, and the remote OCing software from another laptop (in the middle of stress testing) without issue.
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