8Gb Ram for 119?

Hey I saw some ram on newegg for 119 for black friday, normally 139 for 2 x 4GB with freq 1066, Is that normal? I got 2 x2 G.Skill 1600, Should I buy these and add them totalling 12? or replace them or not bother.

Also My ram says 1.65V Voltage on newegg and the package but the ram itself says 1.6V What voltage should I put on?
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  1. N, you should not. If you buy that RAM and install it with your current RAM all the 12GB will only run @ 1066, so, you are losing a lot of performance with that change.

    Set to 1.6V if isn't stable change it to 1.65V.
  2. k but i didn't know 8 gb of ram was so cheap!
  3. Yeah, cheap but take a look of this:

    1- PC2-8500 the same DDR2-1066:

    Rate (bit/s): 136.0 Gbit/s
    Rate (byte/s)17 GB/s
    Rate (MHz): 1,066 MHz

    2- PC3-8500 the same DDR3-1066:

    Rate (bit/s): 136.4 Gbit/s
    Rate (byte/s)17.1 GB/s
    Rate (MHz): 1,066 MHz

    Do you see a big difference?
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