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I am having some problems with my computer build parts and was unable to identify exactly what was

wrong, I would like to return the motherboard, the cpu, the graphics card, and the ram and get new ones

because I am still under the 30 day warranty at new egg. Will New Egg allow that? and what reason should

I put for their return "DOA" or something else, I just don't want new egg to make their discision based on

my response for returning the item to them.
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    You are correct... Place DOA and maybe give a reason on what is wrong or what didn't work. I had a defective hard drive and I put DOA and stated that during the install process, Windows detected a defective drive. In my experience, they are good about returns for replacements.

    The one component I'm not sure about is the CPU, so make sure you read on the return policy for them to make sure meet the requirements.
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  3. Awesome, I just called new egg, sounds like I'm in good shape to get some new parts.
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