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No sound "No audio device" New install win xp 32bit

November 21, 2012 5:00:05 PM

I am trying to put together a basic computer for a friend's parents. The computer is an older custom built on a VIA motherboard (KM400-8237), Athlon XP 2800 with 1gb of ram. I currently have it dual booting Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows XP 32bit. Everything in windows works as it should, except for the lack of sound. I have installed all updates including SP3.

I believe that the appropriate audio driver for my integrated sound is an AC'97. I have installed that driver from both the VIA site as well as the realtek site. Installing the AC'97 driver caused windows to become unstable by restarting continuously until I went into safe mode and removed the AC'97 driver.

Under control panel -> sound -> volume tab it reads "No Audio Devices"

I know the hardware works because all sound works great in Ubuntu 12.04.

Any suggestions? I have spent so much time on this already and seemed to have gained no progress.

Thank you