5750 or 5770??

So I want to upgrade the graphics on my computer. My pricerange is in the 150~ range and I see that the 5750 or 5770 cards seems like they would be a good fit. I'd like to be able to play COD MW2 at 1680x1050 at the best quality I can. What is the major difference between these cards besides the obvious $15? Is there a better choice? It looks like I will also have to upgrade my PSU. :heink:
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  1. The HD 5770 is probably about 12% faster than the HD 5750 so that is a little more than $1 for each extra % of performance. You will most likely feel the need to upgrade later rather than sooner (1 year maybe??).
  2. The 5770 would be worth the $15 more for its increase in performance.
  3. Get the HD5770.
    Which PSU do you have?
  4. I believe both cards can easily play MW2 maxed out at that resolution. If your on a budget, get the 5750. It will do good for most of the latest games and you can add up the saved $15 for your psu upgrade but I still agree that the 5770 would be worth the extra $15.
  5. 5770 I have on its awesome...and I used to own a voodoo 2 back in the day
    this card is the sweet spot...get xfx
  6. shubham1401 said:
    Get the HD5770.
    Which PSU do you have?

    Just the stock 250W that came with my PC. I was thinking of this


    Sapphire 5770
  7. You can get a 5770 for $159.99 with a free game right now on newegg, the XFX 5770


    Free shipping. It's a great card and your best bet!
  8. mikez104 said:
    Just the stock 250W that came with my PC. I was thinking of this


    Sapphire 5770

    You want to buy a better psu than that. One with a dedicated pci-e cord. The reason your updating the psu is because of the added power draw from that connection.
  9. Yeah, I would avoid that PSU.
  10. Well, I had already ordered them before I read the newest comments. I could have swore that the PSU had a PCI-E plug on it when I was looking at the specs but I was looking at so many. I'll just use the adapter I guess. We'll see what happens.
  11. Yeah, it'll probably work but don't be too surprised if that think dies before too long.
  12. Well newegg shipped fast and I got my order today. I'm posting from my iPod because that stupid 5770 has my computer all jacked up. Any game I try to play makes my computer freeze then reboot! I'm so po'd. I tried to uninstall the drivers which somehow screwed up my profile so I am nacking up all my files tonight and tomorrow night I'll try to restore back to day one. Is this from the card or vista? This sucks.

    I tried left for dead at medium settings and it looked great then started ro freeze then rebooted. Cod4 was worse. Is this typical ? This card may be going back if I can't get it working by the end of thenweekend.
  13. It could actually be a faulty card but my first guess would definitely be the PSU. When gaming a card needs more power so the system is freezing and restarting when the card needs more power than the PSU can deliver.
    To be more certain before sending anything back if at all possible test the card in a computer you know has an adequate power supply.
  14. I know the PSU is not a great one but it does meet the minimum requirements. And it did end up having the PCI-E plug on it. I turned the resolution of COD down to 640 by 480 and it does the same thing. The game will start and then it freezes. If I ALT Tab out of the game it is fine. I can hear the audio "unfreeze" and the game starts again. Then if I go full screen again it reboots. I can try another PSU though.
  15. It could possibly be driver issues as well. Did you have an Nvidia card in there earlier? If so did you uninstall all the drivers?
    If not do so and then DL and run this is safe mode just to be certain;
  16. I used the onboard graphics in the past. And yes, they were Nvidia and no I did not uninstall them. I will try that tonight.
  17. Turned out the driver was fine. It was the power supply. I put an Antec 550 on it and it works fine. Back it goes.
  18. Sorry for going a little off topic, but as soon I make a new topic I get

    No old message in this section.
    You need to use at least one time "Mark all as old" to be able to use the command "New topics since last marking as old"

    But what I would've asked was how would the performance differ in these 3 cards and which one would you recommend:

    nVidia GTS 250 1gig
    ATi 5750 1gig
    ATi 4850 512mb

  19. The 5750 is pretty weak - DirectX 11 sounds good and all, but I'm doubtful of that card's abilities to properly run any DirectX 11 games on the market. I can shave a few dollars off the price and at least put you into HD5770 territory.

  20. I got the SAPPHIRE 100283L Radeon HD 5770 from newegg for 159.99 with a $10 rebate and free shipping which I thing was a good deal. I am very happy with the card. I play BBC2 and COD4 and Oblivion with everything maxed out and it looks great. I learned not to go for the cheepo power supplies though...
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