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Hi guys. I currently have a spphire 4830 512mb and a kuma x2 7750 oc'ed to 3.1. Im in the market for a 200 dollar upgrade and am wondering what the best path would be. Should I crossfire the 4830 and upgrade to an athlon II x4, or drop all the cash on a new generation vid card, or phenom quad. Thanks ahead of time for the input.
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  1. If your 4830 can handle the games you play at the desired resolution, then upgrade the CPU for even faster framerates. If your videocard is already choking or struggling with your games, then upgrade the GPU.

    If you're gonna use apps that can uses all available cores, photo/video editing, then upgrade the CPU.
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    upgrade your GPU first

    otherwise you will have a CPU that gets bottle necked by your GPU and your game improvement would be minimal compared to the other way around.

    P.S. You do have a solid set up that can play any game out there so if it was me, I would upgrade in the Fall/winter. Let the prices of the phenom II and 5xxx series fall even further.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply :) . So now I have another question. Would the 7750 bottleneck cross-fired 4830s, or even a single 5770? I've researched a bit about bottlenecking, but it seems that the general opinion is that there has to be a very large age gap in hardware, ie. 3 year old processor with a 2 month old vid card. I know it's pretty lame using age rather than spec's for comparisen, but there really isn't any set manual on what will bottleneck what. To that end, I expect that I'll be playing games like starcraft 2 or diablo 3 in the future.....BFBC2 and MW2 currently.
  4. The 5770 is a solid upgrade choice. You can then grab a cheap Athlon II x3 or x4 and OC it when you have extra cash. You could sell your old 4830 and grab an Athlon II x3 435 which can OC to 3.5 on the stock cooler.

    both diablo 3 and starcraft 2 want a fast dual core CPU, which you have. The 4830 would be able to handle both games on high detail from the performance leaks I have read. I had a similar set up as you with the Athlon x2 6000 & Nvidia 9800GT so I know what that system can do.

    As for okin's comment; the i5 is an intel chip so he would need to upgrade his motherboard also, adding to the cost and his limited budget.
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