Weird Clicking Noise
I got all the parts and finished building it yesterday. A few people warned me that the power supply MIGHT be too weak for it. It's been working great installed Windows and installed some of my games and then played Counter-Strike for several hours. I left it on when I went to bed (at the desktop). I noticed that there was a bit of a clicking noise about every second or so. I tried shutting it off, but it still kept clicking. Finally, I turned off the PSU. It quit after that.

Could it be the PSU or from my Googling, could it be the vid card? The weird part, is that it isn't the 'breaker' sound or anything. It's just a clicking noise and doesn't shut off or anything. Has anyone seen anything like this?
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  1. clicking noise sounds like your harddrive to me, do a SMART test.
  2. Can hard drives still spin when the system is powered down, but still plugged in?
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