4650 DDR3

Is this card a good deal for doing light gaming and just speeding up performance from a IGP:

Its going to be used in a living room pc, hooked up to a 720p tv. The most demanding stuff it would do is HD playback and maybe some gaming.(source engine, maybe latest Unreal Tournament)

I know the ddr3 makes a big difference, but should I get something else for close to the same price?
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    For that price ($50), your 4650 seems to be the fastest around.,review-31803-9.html
    The 5450 is also 50 but it dose not compare to the performance of the 4650. And a 9600gt is 85 so that's to expensive. 9500 gt is slower and 55+.
  2. That is a good card for its price point.
    Go for it :)
  3. Yes, I definitely agree with them both.^
  4. Got the card today, hooked it all up and I'm really satisfied with it.
    It can play bioshock just as good as the xbox that is sitting next to it. (all high, native res.) I realize thats not so impressive but I'm happy.(I picked that game cause it had a demo on steam)

    Now I just got to get me a contraption so I can use a mouse/keyboard on my tv comfortably. (No tables in the living room except a coffee table thats way to short. :P )
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