Dell 8400 - Shut downs caused by Windows 7?

I have just had 32 bit Windows 7 professional 'clean' installed on my Dell 8400. Everything works ok and there is no apparent difference in overall perforfance. However, whenever it goes into sleep mode, it eventually shuts down of its own accord. As yet I haven't been able to establish how long it is before it shuts down. Nothing will wake it up - only restarting from scratch which brings up a Windows closed improperly screen. Have checked all settings (of which I am aware!) and searched the web for an answer but no luck. Can anyone help - or this just confirmation that the 8400 will not run Windows 7 successfully?
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  1. Have you tried just pushing the power button once will usually bring a computer out of sleep no matter what.

    Check Device Manager right click on keyboard and then go to power management check allow device to wake computer then do the same for your mouse.


    Turn sleep mode off totally control panel\power options set to High Performance and it will never sleep again or select balanced and mess with some of the settings.
  2. Thanks for suggestions. Have already changed sleep and hibernation settings to 'never' to get around this problem for now, but obviously this is not a long term solution. Pressing the power button just reboots the machine. Will look at keyboard and mouse settings but cannot see how that can work as box is totally dead - no pilot light. Never had this problem until Windows 7 was installed.
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