Overclocking geforce Palit 660ti

Hi everyone i'm new to overclocking.

I have done research and followed a guide by the letter. However, after achieving what i felt was a stable overclock, i ran Heaven plenty of times without issue and must have played several hours of GW2 and BF3 with settings set to max. No issues at all .

Until today, whilst playing GW2 for around 4 hours the drivers crashed and ThunderMaster reset the graphics card back to stock. I've no idea why it would do this, did i not achieve a stable overclock? even though i have stressed tested it for hours seen no artefacts and or driver crashes up to this point.

I've kept an eye on temps, usually around 55-65C at full load so that is not an issue.

I've upped the core voltage thinking that ive possibly pushed the card to the limit and perhaps it ran out of juice?? however i really did not want to touch voltages...

These are my setting in thundermaster

Graphics clock: +131mhz
Memory clock: +230
Core Voltage +0.050 (just changed post crash)
Power Limit 100%

I really do not have any idea about all of this, im not sure if this is an 'extreme' overclock or not.
Should i put the setting back closer to stock??

Thanks for any advice

(Ps. my PSU is a corsair (750W)
i5 3570k o.c 4.2GHZ
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  1. the o/c puts my card core speed at 1046mhz and memory at 3234mhz
  2. It's a normal overclock, test your GPU again in games, the vcore that you added should be more that enough for those clock stables.
  3. no problems as of yet, thanks for your reply and i will post again in this thread if any further issues.

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