Go NAS or just add another internal HDD to desktop and share that?

My Laptop is running out of space, I dont want to get rid of the SSD in it for a higher capacity HDD, so I'd rather unload some data to another HDD in the house.

My current setup:

HP XW8600 workstation 2x quad xenon with 2x Samsung 64GB SSD in Raid 0 for OS (120GB total) and 150GB 15k RPM SAS drive for STEAM games and backup. Connected via RJ ethernet.

Alienware M11x R1 1.7 Core2duo with older 256GB Samsung SSD. Connected via wifi (I don't remember if G or N card) RUNNING OUT OF SPACE

ASUS RT-N16 Gigabit with 2x USB (2.0?) ports

Now my options so far:

1 - Add an internal 1-2TB HDD to the WIN7 PRO 64B desktop for ~$150 and share it, from my understanding this would be fastest for desktop and but slow for laptop because of wifi limitations?

2 - Buy a Buffalo Linkstation Duo for ~$250, this would be sorta fast for desktop, but still not fast enough to store games on it because of max 30MB/s transfer rate? Plus side is its RAID 1 and somewhat portable if need be. Still slow for laptop because of wifi limitation?

3 - Buy an external HDD for ~$150 and connect it to ASUS router. I have no idea how fast/slow this would be for either machines but guessing slow for both. Plus side would be that its super portable, not that I'd need it to be.

4 - Buy a dedicated NAS miniserver for ~$400, this may get me close to 80-100MB/s for desktop, still slow on laptop because of wifi limitation. Not sure if I wanna spend that much without understanding the advantage of a NAS first.

Right now I'm leaning to the first 2 options. The desktop is always on, I guess my main question is what is the advantage of a NAS vs just sharing an internal HDD on my desktop?
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  1. I use option 1 because of the price!
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