Left front usb port on antec 902 not working

My build

Antec 902
EVGA p55 ftw
Intel 860 I7
Ati 5850 Black edition
Seasonic 850w psu
Samsung f3 1T hard drive.
Win 7 Pro 64bit

Hey guys,

I finally built my new computer on last week but I am running into a problem. I am trying to figure out why my left front usb port will not work while right usb works fine. When I plug a flash drive into the faulty port, I get the generic error that windows could not recognize the usb and tries to install the driver and doesn't work. I've tried multiple flash drives and got the same result. I went to the EVGA support forms to find out if people where having similar usb problems. I found user were having a mixed bag of issue with the USB in the front but didn't find any real fix. I did flash my bios to the latest firmware and made sure all the chip drivers were loaded, still the problem not fixed.

I started to draw my attention to the wiring from the front of the Antec 902 case. I begin testing the custom usb ports on the mobo itself. I tested front usb wire on each custom port and got the same result, left usb port out, right usb works. Just to make sure I also tested the back usb on each custom port on the mobo and everything worked fine, that eliminated a mobo issue. I trying to figure out if there is faulty wiring or the pins are crossed, I have no clue. Also anyone here know if there is something in the bios that I can change to fix this problem? I wanted to post here before I start dealing with the manufacture.
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  1. I'm having the same problem - did you ever manage to fix this?
  2. I had to get a replacement front panel from Antec, but just to make sure test all your usb's ports on the board.
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