Loud Fan after failed overclocking

Hi everyone,

I recently tried to overclock my gpu, GTS 360m. My laptop is Toshiba Qosmio x505-q860. I have intel i5 430m, 4gb ram. I dont know if all this stuff matters or not. Anyways, I found that my laptop was restarting itself when I was gaming, so I after gradually decreasing the mhz, I went back to standard settings. It doesn't crash anymore, but the fan is almost always on and very loud. I also updated my gpu driver and deleted the old one, thinking maybe it was corrupted. I know the heating is fine because I just had the laptop repaired 2 months ago and the heating was the main issue. Everything was working fine until I started overclocking it. Now the fan is always on and very loud. I don't know much about temps, but they seem ok. 45c-60c when browsing the web and no more than 75c when gaming.

It seems its just the fans, but how do I make it stop? I tried going into bios and the only option I saw that might help was to lower my laptop's power usage but that didnt solve anything.

I would appreciate any help as this is driving me nuts!
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