Is front panel audio connector included with case or mobo?


I'm looking at a build with the Silverstone FT02 case and ga-x58-udr3 mobo. From the manuals I can't tell if there is an HD audio cable included to hook the mobo to the front panel audio header.

Are these usually included with case or mobo?

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    All cases I have used in the past have audio connectors supplied and wired up to the sockets on the front of the case.

    There is no guarantee on quality though - but silverstone done make cheap shoddy cases so you should be fine.
  2. I'm no expert, but I believe that most cases (including the FT02, judging by the photos) come with the front audio cables already attached (and usually unremovable barring the dismantling of the case). I've never heard of an HD audio cable for the front ports... but if it's a superior quality to the standard cable (I assume it is), I wouldn't think it'd be included.

    Additionally, I've never seen a mobo that shipped with cables.
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  4. Just to follow up ... the case does indeed include the HD Audio front panel connector.
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