Delete and recreate all the partitions before running the windows xp setup

Error loading operating system on my computer it won'tdelete and recreate all the partitions before running the Windows XP setup let me boot up, so i check online & can't understand what "means? can u please help?
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  1. So, U have windows xp installed, U can get inside windows if U want, but when U boot from cd and want to reinstall it, then you get the error?Or not?

    It could be a hard drive failure, a corrupted OS , etc.

    A few things to try:
    Boot from cd, press r for recovery console, type 1, type password and press enter, or just press enter if U don't have password.
    Type chkdsk /f /r and press enter. Let it scan.
    U can also :
    Check hard drive settings in bios
    Reset bios to default
    what type of hard drive do U have? Because U may need to put drivers on the cd.

    About the format and partitioning, U could try recovery console again:

    for format:
    for aditional help, type
    format /?
    to format drive, type:
    format X:\ /q
    X is the drive U want to format, q means quick

    type diskpart /? to see all options
    U can add , delete, etc
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