Can't see boot screen!

Ok I have a 26inch goodmans lcd tv, and when I connect my desktop pc to it, I don't get no boot screen, it only comes on once it gets to the windows 7 splash screen, but I need to see the boot screen to boot my windows recovery disk. Any ideas, its connected to my tv by VGA, I read somewhere that boot screens only show at 640x480, so if I get a dvi to hdmi lead will that work on my tv as my tv can display 480p 720p and 1080p.

Thank you.
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  1. First, what video card do you have? And, what are you system specs?

    Either one of three things could be happening; 1) the video card you are using does not support TV out and windows must load the drivers to recognize the TV as the monitor, or 2) the machine is booting faster than it can display the BIOS screen, or 3) if booting from a cold boot, the signal is not being outputted to the TV until after the BIOS screen has passed.

    If 1) then (if you haven't already) set the TV as the primary display in the gpu console. If 2) then boot the first time and then hit the RESET button to reboot and catch the BIOS screen and/or hit the (F1, F2, DEL, etc) to enter the BIOS after you hear the initial beep. If 3) then follow the answer as if 2) were happening.

    Hope that helps.
  2. I did lots of research on this today, and couldn't find an answer to it, some people said that some lcd tvs will display the correct resolution you need to go into bios and see the post screen and others said, if it can't display the correct resolution it will only work once windows loads the graphics drivers. So I went and bought a 22inch LG flatron w2243s pc monitor for 180 euros, I could then see everything from the start, problem sloved for me anyways.

    Thanks anyways.
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