Windows 7 vga driver Geforce4 440

I have Hp pavillion Zv 5000 Iam using windows 7 My Vga is not working properly it needs upgrade (nvidia Geforce4 440)Is any solution
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  1. Nvidia will not issue Windows 7 drivers for the Geforce 440. It is too old. Looks like you are stuck with what Windows 7 provides.
  2. +1, your stuck with the basic GUI, no Aero and no upgrade for a laptop.
  3. That's gods way of telling you to upgrade man
  4. i got my hpzv5000us to work what i did was goto hp site goto support and downloads and grab the xp 32 bit nvidia driver. once you download it you need to rightclick and run as admin and in winxp compatibility mode. then install the driver. I am able to get 1200 by 800 rez now.
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