**SOLD**FS : 1GB Kingston HyperX DDR400 Registered

*ITEM SOLD AS OF OCTOBER 17th, 2003 | 11:50am EST*

Brand new, still in package HyperX series, 1GB Matched pair (512MB x 2) DDR400 Registered/ECC system ram modules by Kingston Technologies for sale.

Product information/pic <A HREF="http://" target="_new"> here </A>.

Retail price : Newegg $399
My price : $250/SHIPPED

If anyone has definite interest in these modules, please respond by tonight. I'm planning on having these sold by tonight.
I'm talking to a few people regarding this item, but noone has given me a definite answer.

I'm also throwing in a <b>free</b> 20GB Maxtor Harddrive (5400 RPM, used for a few weeks)

If interested, please reply to this topic or email me at <A HREF=""></A>.

My eBay feedback <A HREF="" target="_new"> here </A>.


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  1. uhh no.
    ilkl give ya $30 for them.

    -={Apostalic Alcoholic.}=-
  2. If you're not interested or have nothing positive to say don't even bother.

    You're wasting my time.
  3. i offered $30 for it...

    BTW any user could get 1gig cosair pc3200 for that price.

    -={Apostalic Alcoholic.}=-
  4. ??.. Where?.. These are registered modules, you must be mistaken.
  5. What is a registered module and why is it better than an unregistered module?

    It's all Bush's fault
  6. Registered modules need motherboards that support registered memory. Usually registered memory is used for servers, but since the Athlon 64 FX-51 requires registered memory - it is more in demand by mainstream users and enthusiasts.
  7. ECC and registered are 2 totally different things. ECC is error checking and correcting, registered RAM the opposite of unbuffered. I really don't know what exactly registered is though, or how it works.

    ECC RAM is about 5% slower than non-ECC RAM - however it is recommended if the applications you are running are very important (if you are doing something regarding nuclear bombs on your computer, you don't even want the slightest chance of an error in a memory module)

    But both ECC and registered are most common in server boards, like the guy already said
  8. Please show me, cause I definetly paid more than that for 512 PC2100!

    The one and only "Monstrous BULLgarian!"
  9. <A HREF="" target="_new">Mepotech</A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Shentech</A>

    to name a few.

    -={Apostalic Alcoholic.}=-
  10. Wow, finally some links other than newgg :cool:
  11. i told you a while ago i dont buy from newegg

    -={Apostalic Alcoholic.}=-
  12. ha, my bad, thought u were referring to the $30. U know, a few days ago I woulda made the correct distinction, but ever since I've been studying all this grammar, my logic for conversation has been overriden. Only a very strong dose of vodka can cure this...

    The one and only "Monstrous BULLgarian!"
  13. heeheee

    -={Apostalic Alcoholic.}=-
  14. No I don't think you ever told me that, but it is good to know :-) I just meant it was nice to see a link to somewhere else on THG forums in general
  15. yeah i like searchin for the best deal and best shipping for the product then relying on newegg.

    -={Apostalic Alcoholic.}=-
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