Vga via usb?

I've got a question.
At work we're exclusively using HP computer products - some of the earlier ones don't support the hp docking station, and for those we invested in usb models (also hp).
These somehow feed the vga output thru usb - does such a feature exist as a standalone box?

I'm staring at a notebook where the red color in the vga jack has ceased to work, and the system is fresh out of warranty - so I was considering such a solution. I just don't know of any product to supply the vga output without also supplying all other kinds of junk.
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  1. I use a couple of these USB docking stations and they supply vga to the monitor - I think their max resolution is around 1600x1024.

    It was made by Kensington. I saw that they are also available with HDMI ports now.

    It worked fine - just double check the max resolution on the port you plan to use
  2. thanks, but what I need is simply some 'usb dongle with vga output' not a complete docking station. We have a bunch of those around - any of those on the marked?
  3. this page on newegg might help you out

    the idea of just a small usb dongle isnt really possible, but there are larger adapters that work via usb.
  4. that thing could be what I'm looking for .. just need to find a retailer in the eu now
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