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hi guys, i am back ... :)

a small simple question. i just picked up Samsung LCD 37" LAB530 Series 5. (it was in budget :)).

i have Radeon 5750 on my rig and i have 5.1 attached to my rig. now while watching Television, i want to give output of TV Audio on my 5.1 which is connected to my rig. is there a way through HDMI connection where i can give Audio out from TV and use my Creative 5.1 as the output sound through my computer?

i do understand that i will have to keep my comp on (if at all this is possible). but what i need to know is through this card which also allows me to use HDMI audio channel on board, is it possible to do what i asked above?

if not, is there any other way either through the card or through on board (motherboard) audio? is it possible?


i really really really need to do this for at least now, before i pick up my Home Theater (which is still a year from now to be honest).

Thanks a lot guys
dAtti .....
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  1. depends on your motherboard, sound card (if applicable), pc surround system and a link to the exact tv you bought wouldn't hurt.
  2. PsyKhiqZero said:
    depends on your motherboard, sound card (if applicable), pc surround system and a link to the exact tv you bought wouldn't hurt.

    sorry buddy,

    i was in rush when i put in the query here. here are the links to my motherboard, graphic card and television.

    My Config
    - Intel i5 750 2.66 GHz Processor
    - Cooler Master TX3 CPU Cooling System
    - Gigabyte P55-UD3R Motherboard
    - Corsair VX450W Power Supply Unit
    - XFX ATI Radeon HD5750 1GB DDR5 GPU
    - GSkill RipJaws 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1600 MHz
    - Cooler Master Elite 310 Cabinet

    My Screen (LCD Television)
    - Samsung LA37B530 37"

    My Sound
    - Creative Inspiron 5.1 (quite old model ... dont remember the model number but i think its 5500/5100 something)

    currently i am in Dubai, so if there is anything interesting i need to pick up for this thing to work please let me know about the same as in India, there are a few things which are not available at all or are in fact way too expensive. so please tell me within a days time (as i am traveling back to India) if i have to pick up anything which will make this thing work.

    Please help.
    Thank You!!!

    Samsung has given an HDMI cord along with this LCD but i am not sure of the config. could you please tell me if that cord is sufficient with the card that i am using or i should pick up a highend cord which is either 300-400-500-600 (i have seen these things written on the HDMI cords, so please tell me if i need to pick up any of these or the one supplied with samsung LCD should be fine??)
  3. hi guys,

    No activities/answers here? please help.
    i need to know if this thing can be done or not. also i need a little more information on which HDMI cord should i be using for the best quality and any other use.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
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