Who is better

i have gtx 9800 but it become not working
but i still have 1year warranty in it
so what is the good decision should i take
change it with ati 5850 or gtx 280 /gtx 275 /gtx what price with them :bounce:
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  1. Well you could try and get a refund for your 9800, but they would most likely give you a replacement.
    A HD5850 is better than both the GTX275 and 280 (and also the 285), Unless you really want physX.
  2. well ati 5850 is the best option of those cards, what is your system specs? whats your monitor resolution?
  3. If your 9800GTX is replaced under warranty the chances are it'll be replaced with another 9800GTX or a GTS250.
  4. thx for replays i spoke to who sold the card to me
    he said he will send the card and will replay after 5 days he said that we can negotiate about cards
    my pc
    8gb ram
    ep43 board
    monitor resolution 1600 1050
    screen is 21.6
    power supply hec 600watt
  5. 5850 FTW
  6. See if you can exchange the 9800GTX for 'credit' ($~100), and you can use that to take $100 off of the ($300) HD5850.
  7. thx i think phyx not much important that right?
    i can exchange it 5850 better than gtx 285 right?
  8. There not going to exchange your broken 9800 for a 5850, but do as shadow187 said and try to get credit or a refund. Personaly I don't think physX is important, but some might disagree, You'll have to make your own mind up about that. And yes a 5850 is better than a GTX285
  9. yep as they said, try to get a refund and then buy the 5850, its a really good card :)
  10. thx i think i can exchange it with ati 5850 and pay the difference between the 2 cards
  11. cetra19 said:
    thx i think i can exchange it with ati 5850 and pay the difference between the 2 cards

    Well that would be really great :) good luck!
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