Please help i cant overclock my laptop!

So i am trying to overclock my laptop but i have tried to use a lot of programs and they dont some give me errors some dont work some doesnt let me even use it i have used trixx, msi afterburner and many more. I am trying to overclock my cpu so i get around a steady 30-40 fps on bf3 because right now im getting really low fps. All i want is a steady 30-40 fps i am on low settings. Any advice to what to do e.g. buy ram or change this etc.... Here are my comp specs and i am using a laptop:

Thanks for the help guys! All i need is just any advice to improve my fps or overclock. I need to run bf3 very smooth.
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  1. overclock your cpu through bios...if all option in bios locked or not there means you cant overclock your laptop..laptops not meant to be can do only light gpu overclock
  2. What's very low? Overclocking can help performance, but it can't replace good components. Also, you'll be better off overclocking your GPU - I doubt your CPU is the bottleneck.

    But even then - you won't get more than a couple FPS extra.
  3. i cant overlock my gpu i cant overclock both cpu or gpu
  4. As expected, don't even bother.
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