HDD failure and power problems

My secondary hard drive (E:) will give me delay write failure errors and run the blue screen chkdsk on every startup. chkdsk will even delete some data on occasion without cause. I can access the drive, but most video plays choppy. Whenever I transfer files between drives, the estimated completion time just goes gradually up and up; it never completes the transfer. I plug a different SATA power connector in, and everything started working great again. After another month or so of operating, the same problems started appearing again. I use my secondary drive exclusively to store extra data and for storing media to access through my PS3's media server. After the second time, I bought a new power supply and reformatted the PC. Again, it worked beautifully for another month or two. The problems have returned. I've also replaced the HDD, but nothing's changed. I've run manual chkdsk to repair errors. Virus and malware scans yield nothing. I only use the PC for email, facebook, etc. and as a server for media. When I plug the HDD into a wall outlet adapter, it works great. It almost seems like the HDD is burning out the SATA power connectors. If this is so, how can I fix it? IF you think it's something else, then what can I do?

PSU 450w (seems more than sufficient to me considering the PC's simplicity)
CPU 3.0 GHz AMD Athlon X2
2Gb DDR2 Memory
2 HDDs; 250 Gb SATA WD (C:), 1 Tb SATA Samsung (E:)
GeForce 8600 video card
DVD drive
PCI Wireless adapter
nothing fancy
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    Very odd. Have you tried the "burnt out" connectors with your primary hard drive?
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