Will it support me??????reeply

hello eeryone,

well my problem is the d101ggc which i have has LGA775 socket and i want to know that will it support intel core 2 duo.I asked here because someone told me that the intel has made core 2 duo supportable for LGA775.So please tell me if it will work and if not then tell me which dual core should i get pentium D or celeron.

but i am sure that this will support because look at the wikipedia LGA 775 processor list the is core 2 duo added in it.

helps appreciated
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  1. The LGA775 will support the entire core2 series.
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    Computerrock1 said:
    The LGA775 will support the entire core2 series.

    The Socket does but the chipset on the motherboard might not and in this case it doesn't.

    @OP, you will need a new motherboard if you want to use a Core 2 CPU.
  3. I'm sorry but your mobo doesn't support Core 2 duo cpus.
    Here you have the full list of supported cpus:
  4. Well I feel like an idiot, should have done more research before just jumping in.
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