GooD cheap fans Memory express (for h100i)

Show me some good fans...
i personnaly was thinking of as uber pricing is 15$ for 4 and the specs look like theywill be better then stock h100i
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  1. looking for best cooling at 19db at under 60$ for all 4 fans push pull
    memory express uber pricing will help via shop bot
  2. and h100i has a controller so rpm shouldnt matter
  3. You won't get better fans (I mean you could but it'll be expensive). Those fans included with the H100i are pressure fans, they move more air through the radiator. So they're good for restrictive environments such as radiators and heatsinks.

    You could get another pair: and put them in push pull.
  4. its already too damn loud
    the point was for it to be quiet moving to h100i was worse idea ever
    stock coolers much quieter
    and the stupid sierra firmware causes hdd grinding

    i built such a huge pc cause i wanted to play hq games in a quiet atmosphere
    but this huge 800d sounds like a huge turbine with stuff grinding in it
    and the graphical performance is lame with 7970 graphics look hardly any better then xbox
    most wasteful hobby i ever picked up on
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