Trying to partition second hard drive...

I have two hard drives and want to remove Disk 1 from the computer to use as the only disk in another computer:

Disk 0 is the Operating System for this computer and is to remain as is.

I'm having trouble trying to partition Disk 1...

1) I want to merge the pale green 4.16 GB of Free space with New Volume 5 (N)

2) Then, to divide the resulting partion into two equal sized useable partitions

3) Then, format the 40.56 GB of unallocated space into a useable partition.

I have got so far with Vista Disk Management and Paragon Partition Manager Free Edition 2010 but can get no further.

There is data in DRIVE 2 EMPTY (M) that I would like to eventually keep but the rest of Disk 1 is basically empty.

Any help gladly received. tia
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  1. That's it. Panic over... I managed to delete evey partition except the first DRIVE 2 EMPTY (M) that contained the data i was juggling with... then the new partitions just fell into place with Vista Disk Management. Bingo.
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