Question about a new HD5770 card that I got.

Yesterday I bought a new hd5770 card, the normal version, because I prefer it over the new edition one because it keeps better cooling inside the computer case from what I understood, and it looks much better ^^
when I opened the box I was surprised to see that it has a different cooler, not like the new edition, but like this :

It costs about 8$ more than the one I originally bought (the 1st model).

Just wanted to know how good is this new version? because I cant find any information about it on the internet.
Is it better than the new edition cooler? Because I dont want a cooler like the new edition because from what I understood it makes the temp higher inside the case.

it also looks very similiar to the new hd5830 cooler.

so did I get a better version of the card than the original one that I paid for, or should I change it to the normal version?

thanks in advance.
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  1. Odds are it's probably better. I'd test if out if I were you, see how it runs. If the temps hit over 75c, it's probably not good.
  2. Those coolers are worse then the normal stock coolers, as the normal stock coolers vent out of your machine instead of inside of it. If I were you I'd return the card and ask for the card that you paid for. These coolers are what happens when companies start taking their own price reducing liberties with the card design. You should really get what you pay for.
  3. According to these reviews the non stock coolers seem to be better, but that could depend on what computer case you are using.

    Im not sure if these reviews are in a case with the door off or in some special open case used for benchmarking.

    coolers form MSI, Sapphire and Powercolor

    stock cooler
  4. The cooler that I got is very similiar to the HD5830 cooler.
    Temp is 35 at idle according to ccc.

    if it's better then I wont change it to the normal model, but if its like the new edition then I might change it.
  5. If your case has great air flow...that design would most likely utilize it better than the orig. I have a similar xfx 5770 and no heat problems due to good air flow.
  6. I dont know about my case's airflow, but my case isnt that big or expensive, I have a CoolerMaster elite 335 case, without aditional coolers.

    Is this model better than the New edition? because I really prefer the normal and not the new edition one.

    Oh and does XFX also sell this model? (not the new edition egg like cooler)
  7. It also bugs me a little that on the card itself the "HD5770" isnt written, I mean there is no print of the "HD5770" on the card's body.
    do you think it means something?

    (it is 5770 tho, it's 5770 box, also a little sticker on the bottom of the card mentions it, and using cpu-z it says 5770)
  8. Well if you go by the current prices at newegg the one you got is selling for $20 more than the original version. Sapphire normally uses better cooling than the ATI reference models so I'd bet it will be better cooling on the one you got ! ( the main advantage being it will be able to get more airflow into the card than the one enclosed in a box - from looking at the design it seems that most of the airflow will still exit the case back but the more open spacing around the card will allow it to pull more cool air in around the card so should stay cooler. (I'd keep the one you got !) - I've got one of the other egg shaped versions and it runs very cool and most of the heated air still goes out the back of the system on it even so the new version should also.
  9. Sapphire and other manufacturers probably do not label the coolers with the cards name because it would save them a little money as the cooler could be used on a 5750 and 5770 interchangeably.
  10. it's me, i forgot to authorize my account.

    paperfox, are you saying that I got the hd5750 cooler? Because I never saw a hd5750 with this kind of cooler, but the hd5830 cooler is very similiar and also the name isnt written on it.

    If thats the case, then I might change my card to the original model if I got fooled and got a poor version of the card.
  11. No what he was saying is that many companies will not paste the specific model name (ie. 5770) on the cover because they will use that same cover on several models of cards instead of making one specifically for that model !!
  12. hey guys, its me.
    I still didnt change the card, just wanted to check one last time.
    Should I or shouldnt I change the card to it's original model? because I'm thinking about changing it, or at least ask them if I can.
  13. Well that depends - Have you installed the card and run it for awhile ?? IF so how are the temps while gaming etc. ?? has it made the case temps increase ?? - Personally I'd probably keep it - figure they aren't going to change the cooler from the stock one if it doesn't have some advantage !! (though I acttually have one of the Sappphire 5770's with the egg shaped cooler and love it ! ( It idles at 38C and the highest it has gotten is 65C after a few hours of gaming with the fan running at 60% - where my old 7800GS used to pretty much idle in the 60's and was putting out enough heat to warm my entire room after a couple hours of gaming !!)
  14. I called them and they said I cant change it because it was in use for 1 week, and I'm pissed off. I dont know why my gut tells me I should have changed it in the first day I got it, simply because it is not what I paid for.

    Even tho it has great temps on idle I wish I had the normal version and not this.
    I'm not getting the fps I'm suppost to get at games like nfs:s and prototype, see this thread :
  15. After looking at the thread you linked - I really do not think it is the GPU that is your problem - It is more likely the use of a single 2GB Ram module which means your memory subsystem is effectively running at half the speed it should combined with the minimum amount of RAM for using Win7 which might be causing your system to use the HDD cache to swap info to\from the system and your CPU not having any L3 cache which on most CPUs would be storing alot of the info causing some more latency all combining to cause the slowdown in performance when gaming.
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