Asus p4p 800-e

where do i find a diagram on how to wire my motherboard to the case/tower?
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  1. google or, search the name and model, and what you need is in the manual.
  2. Asus has all of their manuals online. Just go to their support downloads section and put in your board. Do you have a specific cable you need help with or is it just in general?
  3. i need the manual for all the cables/wires and i dont know what socket type it is. just p4p 800 E is all i know. thank you both for your replies, still looking for a manual.any help is appreciated.
  4. Here is the manual for the P4P800-E Deluxe.

    (edit: have to go to their support site. See below)

    There are a ton of P4P800 boards, so this may not be exactly yours, but it is the only -E I could find.

    However, all of them are old socket 478 boards.

    To do more searching, go to the Asus support site

    Let us know what else help you need.
  5. On their support site (like above) choose motherboard > Socket 478 > and then select the MB closest to yours in number. Then "search" and choose the OS (doesn't really matter for the manual though).
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