Cosmos II WC Rig

Hello, I'm planning to build a Water Cooled Cosmos II rig. So far, I'm contemplating the following components:

XSPC Razor GTX690 - $130 (FrozenCPU)
XSPC AX360 Triple Fan Radiator - $100 (Frozen CPU)
XSPC AX240 Dual Fan Radiator - $80 (Frozen CPU)
EKWB EK-Supreme HF - $100 (Amazon)
Lamptron FC Touch - 30W - 6 Channel - $70 (Frozen CPU)
10x 1/2-inch Tygon Silver Antimicrobial Tubing - $3.55/foot(Petra's Tech Shop)
2x PMP-500 Pump - $77 (Koolance)
5x Cooler Master SickleFlow R4 Series 120 Silent Fan - $12 (Frozen CPU)
Aerocool Shark Black Edition 140mm - $17 (Frozen CPU)
17x Bitspower True Silver 1/2-inch Fitting - $10 (Sidewinder Computer Systems)
Enzotech G1/4" Stop Fitting - Nickel Plate (Metallic Silver) - $4 (Frozen CPU)
Phobya 180 Degree T Bock - Silver Nickel (64092) - $8 (Frozen CPU)
Phobya Balancer 450 Reservoir - Silver Nickel - $48 (Frozen CPU)
Silverstone Air Penetrator AP181 180 x 180 x 32mm Fan - $24 (Frozen CPU)

Does this seem good? And just as importantly, does it seem complete. For a bit of extra information:

I want to remove the lower right HDD cages and put in a double rad and replace the double 120mm that comes with the case and use two of the listed 120mms. I plan to use the other three on top of the case, on top of the triple rad. Each rad will have its own pump, but they'll use the same reservoir. I also plan to make a T-Junction for easy draining (hence the T Block and Stop Fitting).

Do you guys think anything is missing? Furthermore, could I make any general improvements to the system?
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  1. Another thing, when asking in another thread about my general rig, I was told that the 120mm fans I chose were not very good for the rads. So instead I chose to go with Corsair Air Series SP120s, but then I was told that there are better alternatives. What would be some of the best of these alternatives? Preferably I'd like to keep my fans below 40 dBA, but more power at lower dBA is good too.
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