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My new build is an Asus M3A78-EM MoBo with an AMD Phenom IIx4 CPU + 4 Gb of DDR2 1066 RAM. My new build is great except for the sound.
This MoBo has on board Realtek ALC 1200 8-channel HD audio Codec with optical S/PDIF out port. The line out port works fine for the headset and the microphone works fine for recording but I can only get faint sound from one of my twin stereo speakers (using the line out port) and no sound at from the other speaker. Both speakers worked fine with my old computer.
I have tried the speakers in the 2 other ports with no sound at all.
I have downloaded the latest driver fron Asus and I have tried both the BIOS and OS settings in BIOS for plug and play devices.
I've followed windows troubleshooter but still no sound from the speakers. I'm using windows XP Pro with SP3 as my OS.
In device manager everything is enabled and there are no conflicts. All devices are "working properly".
I'm fast coming to the conclusion that the MoBo is faulty, which realy annoys me as this MoBo has already been exchanged because the BIOS would not detect either my SATA devices or my IDE devices - If the exchanged MoBo is faulty, where's the quality control at Asus?
Any tips please to rectify my sound problem
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  1. go to HD Vdeck ( probably the program that controls the audio on your asus motherboard, at least that is the program that was installed by the drives at my computer and controls the sound, and then correctly setup your configurations and what you are using and hopefully it is going to fix it...)
  2. Thanks but I couldn't find any trace of HD Vdeck anywhere. Any other suggestions.
  3. Thanks but I couldn't find HD Vdeck anywhere. Any other thoughts?
  4. what were the programs installed in you pc by the audio drivers?
    Try to open the program that was installed with the audio driver and see if there is anything that is configured wrong
  5. taylor7 said:
    Thanks but I couldn't find HD Vdeck anywhere. Any other thoughts?

    Hi taylor7,

    Isn't HD Vdeck on the list of utilities on the Asus CD that came with the motherboard?
    I remember I had to check the box of the programmes I wanted to install and HD Vdeck was one of them.

    Regards keith263
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