24 gig 16 usable 64 bit windows 7 - how do I fix?

What do I do to get my computer to read all 24 gig of ram? It only reads 16 gig ram.

My system is:
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium - 64 bit
Mother board: Gigabyte X58A -UD3R - Ultra Durable 3
INTEL CORE i7 processor (930) Ver # E85269-001 Product Code BX80601930 socket LGA1366
OCZ High Performance DDR 3 Memory (24 gig)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 - 1280 MB GDDR5 EVGA graphics card
Cooler Master RS-759-ACAA-E31101612997

I hope I didn't miss anything, please help!
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  1. Thank-you for your response. I've found out Windows 7 Home Premium only supports up to 16 gig ram - NO MORE! Please share this with your readers. Info is from the Windows 7 people.

    All the Best
  2. Yes, most know the limits of Pro, Home, Basic, etc. In addition, after you upgrade to either Pro or Ultimate -- you may run into a second wall in the BIOS.

    Memory Config Protection {Enabled} ; ASUS {know - to use 24GB}

    Perhaps No-Execute Memory Protect {Disabled} ; GA {I believe}
  3. Quote:
    i forgot about that, i have win7 ultimate...
    do you really need that much RAM anyways.?


    Yes! My editing project right now is 58 gig of video.
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