When Power-Failure during gaming just UPS restarts PC... HELP PLZ!!!

Hi all. My UPS restarting my PC whenever there's Power-Failure while im playing game. Whenever Power-cuts happens when i'm watching movie, surfing internet, copying data or listening music etc. it never restarts my PC and i can safely close everyth save my work and shutdown PC safely but whenever im playing game so it restarts PC as soon as light goes (Power failure/Load Shedding) from the Grid. I tested all methods with power lead and power cord extension but its not helping to solve this issue. It's a low budget brand 1200VA UPS with dual battery and i've replaced the whole unit yesterday but i'm still facing same problem and its not serving me for the purpose i got it for I've also tested it by switching it off from the main outlet when playing game so it restarts PC 1 out 5 times when i cut power on my own but whenever there's power failure or cut from GRID it simply restarts PC everytime. :( When i installed it on 1st day after a complete charge i plugged my LCD, PC + Audio System which takes 110W and modem and same thing happened just restarted on games only but now i have unplugged my audio system and modem from UPS and only LCD and PSU is now attached to UPS and still same problem. Also i checked something today that my light voltages are not stable and they go really low for 1 or 2 mins like lights fans go real dim and it switch to battery mod without restarting PC when not playing game. In morning i played dvd movie opened several programs started copying data and turned on music mean to say many tasks at same time to check it when my light was about to go for daily load shedding and ... it did'nt restarted. Just doing on Games i dont know why? :( In my country we have too power-failure problem. Thanks in Advance Help!!!

P.S. does anyone know if i can attack my old AVR (alone) with UPS even though it has built-in AVR but i was wondering maybe something like that might work and help little in restarting during game? is it safe way?

PC Specs:

Intel E5200 Dual Core
Intel DG31PR Motherboard
2 GB Kingston DDR-800
XFX GeForce 9600GT 512MB
400W PSU
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  1. it seems like the problem is related with the UPS.
    And the probable reason for the restarts is overloading of the UPS.

    As you told,the pc does not restart because most of the time when you are involved in watching movies or listening music the 9600gt is not used at it's peak power.The peak power is usually drawn when you do intense graphics applications or play games.All other times it might be at idle using lower power.Your 9600gt can draw upto 96Watts(or 59watts if it is a green edition).So supposing it draws peak power the ups gets overloaded even though it is be charged above 75% pf it's capacity or above.

    The efficiency of ups usually decreases after 3 years or more and the battery backup also decreases as the battery gets older.The time between switching to the battery power when the power supply is lost should be very small or nill as a very small interruption causes the pc to restart.Being an old UPS or not from a good manufacturer there is no assurance that it will perform at it's standards.So with your ups that problem arises when the device connected to the UPS is heavily loaded or creating overloads.Seeing that your UPS is 1200VA i wonder how your pc can overload the UPS.

    And your recommended power supply is a 450W PSU when you run a 9600gt unless your PSU comes from a high grade.
    So we cannot simply blame on the UPS itself.It can also be a bad PSU drawing too much power from the UPS.

    So possible solution is if the battery are 3 years old get a new battery but still a better solution is getting a new UPS(if it is older than 4/5 years)from a good manufacturer) as they are cheap compared to components on the computer.

    Also recommend a new PSU(because it can be the probable cause for overloading).
  2. The UPS is branded new just 2 weeks old and infact i replaced the whole unit after 5 days when bought and they both acting in same way. Also my 9600gt does'nt have power connector and its green edition. I checked its box and the power supply requirements on box are in minimum 400W w/12v current rating of 26A and recommended for Non-SLI is 500W :( and i checked my PSU and its showing me +12v = 16A just :( so does it mean i should replace my PSU and get one with higher watts from brands like Cooler Master, ASUS or Corsair? etc.
  3. If your PSU has only 16 A on the +12V, then yes, you do need to replace it & get a new one which atleast satisfies the 9600GT's +12V rail power requirement of 26A. And this time, do get a quality 450-500 W unit.
  4. Read this:

    Again read this:

    Finally read this:

    Even if the 9600gt consumed a 190w then the maximum current drawn would be 16.4amps.
    But considering that yours is a green edition definitely yours won't bump up to that level.
    Even then your present PSU should be able to work under that load perfectly.

    But it has not or we can conclude so.

    Hence we need to conclude that your PSU is of lower build quality, and even a lower rated PSU capable of 17amps at 12v can perform better(from a good manufacturer)So i recommend a good PSU rated 450w of better grade.
  5. Thanks a lot rajiv1990 and ksampanna for information and advise i will definetely change my PSU and see if it will solve the problem :) i will let u know soon hopefully
  6. Another thing is that it takes time for UPS to switch to battery mode and in case you are drawing more power then PSU can supply before UPS kick in, voltage goes down and your PC restarts. (this is even more severe issue on 120V then on 240V )

    Most likely getting higher quality and stronger PSU will fix your issue.
  7. xrodney said:
    Another thing is that it takes time for UPS to switch to battery mode and in case you are drawing more power then PSU can supply before UPS kick in, voltage goes down and your PC restarts. (this is even more severe issue on 120V then on 240V )

    Most likely getting higher quality and stronger PSU will fix your issue.

    +1 for xrodney.
    You said the point clear and exactly.
  8. thanks alot xrodney :) also suggest me a good PSU that will handle cards like 250GTS as i will be changing my 9600GT later this year and probably go for something better.
  9. Thanks alot rajiv1990 once again. I liked OCZ one and called my cousin to bring it from USA as he is coming within couple of weeks and what i liked the most is 50amps on 12V rails so must be future proof in terms of upgrading :)
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