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I have 16 Xeon X7350 from some Dell servers, and wish to find a motherboard that can take all those processors and combine them with 128x4 GB of RAM. Is this even possible or the 7350 only works with 4 socket boards?
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  1. wow i dont think there is a mobo that takes 16 but they have workstation pcs that take two xeon cpus and if you build them theirs a way to link them all together to make one really big super pc ive done it before but it was back in 2002 so if thats what you want let me know and i will google a quick way for you
  2. You can try setting up a render farm thereby making all those processors work together.. There is no single motherboard existing with more than 4 processor slots either in AMD or Intel platforms..
  3. If I had a board that'd support 16 CPU's I wonder where the rest of everything else would fit in.....
    No such board exists...... not even in the tightest of kept secrets... :)
    God, come to think of it, I haven't even dream'nt of such a board..... :(
    You'll have to make do with a Dual Processors Server Board for the next decade.....
    But if you want to stretch the limits of experimenting and share the details with us.....
    you can go for any of the quad boards below, but, alas.... you'll need to exchange the xeons for opterons.....
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