Ecs nvidia 9400 gt temperature

What is the average temperature for Nvidia 9400 GT?
Mine is running at 59-61 C while idle and 80-85 C when running at full.

Is it normal?
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  1. HMM mine when overclocked and high settings for the game it reaches 62-68C

    maybe you should check if there is a little heat sinker or a fan on you 9400gt
    mine is also 9400gt
  2. GPUs can run much hotter then 85c. On a passive cooled 9400GT or in a slim line case those temps would be normal. If you are really worried just re-seat the cooler or add a case fan. Frankly, I would just leave it alone.
  3. 9400GT is not a hard core card, i think 85'C is a little bit high...
    Can you show us the link for your card?
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