Need help connecting wires :(

Hey guys,

I'm having a hell of a time figuring out where wires for everything go.

I've spent all last night and this morning researching and trying to figure it out but I'm not really getting anywhere.

Question 1:

I have 3 case fans (Rosewill Challenger stock). The one in the upper back has a smaller connector than the other two. I'm not sure whether or not the first case fan in the back connects to "Power Fan Connector" on my ASRock 870 Extreme3, or, one of the three "Chassis Fan Connector" which look exactly the same as the PFC.

Question 2:

Unable to locate the 3, 2 slot tiny wires for H.D.D LED, RESET SW, and POWER SW. I can't find anywhere on the mobo for these guys and the only thing that they can plug into is on my HDD - but there's only 3 prongs for 2 of them - so not sure where the 3rd one would go ?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. your fans will be fine whichever socket they're plugged into, as long as the cpu fan on the heatsink is plugged into the cpu socket, you cant go wrong :P
    and check for your Mobo manual, your looking for the frontpanel header pinout on sections 1.3 (motherboard layout) and 2.8 (onboard connectors and headers)
    hope this helps,
  2. ANS 1 - Except for the CPU fan use the PSU directly {via Molex adapters} of use a Fan Controller. Otherwise {see manual pg 11} - Rear fan = #6 {PWR_FAN1}/left of CPU fan (center/top) ; after that doesn't really matter for the remainder of the case fans - use the closest.

    AN2 - See pages 25 for details {see manual pg 11} ; #22 primary / #20:

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