OCZ Agility 3 vs Mushkin Enhanced Chronos

Right now these two SSDs at 120GB are on sale. The OCZ Agility 2 is $99 after rebate but really $129 since rebates rarely end up back in my pocket. The Mushkin is $125 as a flat deal.

Both are on the same SandForce SF-2281 and are SATA III ready. I'm wondering if either of these are good and if so, which of the two is best? This would be my first SSD purchased, I've held back for a long time because I was waiting for the cost to go down.

I would use this SSD for my OS and Pagefile. My other HDDs will hold my programs, games, files, etc. The system is used for gaming and photoshop mainly, with some video editing in indesign at times.

If there is an alternative around the same price point or cheaper, I'd consider it too.

Thanks guys!
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    Of the two: The Mushkin
    Both in terms of performance and more inportantly, probability of NOT having a problem.
    Performance wise: The Agility III does NOT gain much (if any) performance gain when on a SATA III port vs a SATA II port (OUTSIDE of atto benchmark). This was covered in a review and verified on my i5-2500k - AS SSD benchmark for the agility III is almost Identical for Sata II/III port. Typical overall scor of approx 450 (m4 and Samsung 830 = low to mid 700's)
    User problems - Look at the 1/2 egg vs the 4/5 egg reviews in the link you posted.

    Comment: I have 2 Curcial 128 gig M4's, 2 Agility III 120 gig, and One 128 Samsung 830.
    The samsung 830 was to replace the agility III (OS + Program drive) in my i5-2500k system (left the 2nd one in as a storge SSD). The replaced agility III is currently collecting dust untill I decide what to do with it. My experience with the Agility III left a BAD taste for the company, as a result - Not likely to buy OCZ until their management realizes - Customers are important and not to be treated as &*(^&%^.
  2. Muskin.

    I believe they use Toggle NAND, which is the best.

    The Agility uses Asynchronous NAND, which is the "worst." That's why OCZ Prices go Agility->Vertex->Vertex MaxIOPS (Asynchronous->Synchronous->Toggle).
  3. foscooter said:

    I beleive they use Toggle NAND, which is the best.

    The Agility uses Asycronous NAND, which is the "worst." That's why OCZ Prices go Agility->Vertex->Vertex MaxIOPS (Asycronous->Sycronous->Toggle).

    Only the Chronos deluxe uses toggle flash (which is also an asynchronous flash technology, but different than 'Asynchronous Flash'). The regular Chronos line and Callisto line use the technologically inferior Asynchronous flash
  4. I stand corrected, thank you.

    So in the Muskin line its: Callisto->Chronos->Chronos Deluxe (A->A->T)?
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone.

    So it seems like the Mushkin would be the agreed upon better choice but for no other reason except that OCZ drives seem to fail a lot?

    BTW is this a great deal or the prices are now market norm? I don't necessarily need a SSD right now but I've waited a long time and figure if prices are good now then I should jump on board.
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  7. Always remember to update Agility's firmware!
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