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i think i have to make a new thread for this because i have little knowledge about computer air flow and how the fans are suppose to be positioned to maximize air flow and so forth. does more fans means less noise and lower temperatures?

PS: my case is a azza eos 204 it has 1 X 120 mm in front , 2 x 120 mm on the side , 2 x 120 mm on the top , and 1 x 120 mm on the back. how many do i need ? how to place them and where?
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  1. if you think about it more fans = more noise but lower temps
  2. Which way do those fans point?
  3. i am clueless when it comes to fans. i believe the front one points in and the rear one points out i don't know about the other ones. i think the side one points in too.
  4. Do the top ones point upwards?
  5. i have no fans there yet i am going to order some quiet ones because the ones i have now are wicked loud. but i wanted to know how many would i need and how to point them so i have a good air flow and minimal noise. what i listed above are just the slots where i could put the fans.

    Use Corsair SP Quiet fans or other silent 120MM fans if you hate jets in your pc
    Srry about quick PS editing
  7. Those are good.

    AF are the ones you want for fan cooling, SP are made for heatsinks and radiators.
  8. **if you think about it more fans = more noise but lower temps **
    Not necessarily,
    Massively over fanning allows you to run them all slower=quieter
    Source:I have over thirty fans on my rig.
  9. but if you connect them to mollex cables then the motherboard has no control over them which means they will run at 100 %. given that i only see one fan plug in my motherboard. anyway your concept is right i think even if you plug quiet fans into mollex they will still be somehow quiet even at 100%. the nzxt i listed above have good reviews and they run at a lower rpm so i think that what i will be going for and i will put 3 of them and see how it goes.
  10. check this post out [...] oling-info
  11. easy trick btw to check which way fans are flowing air , hold a strip in tissue paper over the fan grill to see if it sticks there , if so is pulling air into the case , blows away fan pushing air out of the case
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