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I have an external SSD attached to my win7 64bit machine via the eSATAp port. It doesn't work. If I use a standard 2.5" external HDD and attach it the same way, it sees the disk. I also can see the external SSD vial eSATAp port on my XP machine. So, that tells me the drive is fine, the external cable is fine and the eSATAp port is fine...but SSD and eSATAp will not work on the Win7? Please help! What might be going on here?
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  1. I figured it out, though I had AHCI mode enabled (BIOS) and could see the driver in Device Manager, it had a 'Mobile Express chipset...' defined, I changed it to another of the three drivers which were identified (type '6' or some such) and bingo, reboot and now I can see my external, this was nightmarish but glad I was able to track it down...thanks all...cheers...
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