Upgrading Graphic Card, Which Card to Get?

Hi, finally upgrading to a 1900x1080 monitor from my current 1400x1050 and I don't think my 9800 GT can handle games at that resolution.

Need advice on which card to buy with a budget of around 200-400 bucks.

Current CPU is Core2Quad 9400 2.66GHz on Gigabyte EP45-UD3R (don't think it supports SLi), PSU is a Coolermaster 650W with combined amp of 36 A (18 on each rail).

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  1. On a first glance, I'd say get a 5750 or a 5770. Both will deliver good performance on that resolution at a fair price. Now, if you can spend a few extra bucks, try to aim for a 5850.

  2. It really depends on what you use your computer for. Do you want to run first person shooters on the highest settings? Do you want to use both of your monitors now, or just one of them?

    I'd say 5770 ($149 right now) if you want to get a good deal and play most games on high settings. The 5770 is already almost twice the power of your 9800GT though.. so it would be more than capable of handling your new monitor. ..

    or the 5850($300) if you want awesome performance at the very highest settings on two monitors and aren't too worried about money. Its overkill.. but hey.. why not? (The 5830 at $250 is just a bad deal in terms of price/performance)

    That coolermaster wouldnt be a good choice for crossfire, but should be able to handle the single 5850 just fine.
  3. 5770

    or wait for the 5850 to come back down to reality prices.
  4. games, if ur playing wow then dont upgrade lol
  5. I'll buck the trend here and say the HD5850 is your best choice, my 5770 can struggle at 1920x1200 despite being fed by a i5 750.
    Of course the HD5870 can be found for a few dollars under your $400 maximum;)
    It really depends on how long you plan on keeping the current rig and the settings you want to apply: The more powerful the card you install now, the longer it will keep churning out decent framerates at high settings.
  6. Thank you all for your replies! Planning on using just the new monitor for gaming. single- Based on the response, I guess nVidia is out of the question? Was originally thinking of a GTX 275/285. Also, if I were to get a 5850 or 5870, which brand should I go for? Currently leaning towards XFX or Sapphire.

    Regarding the PSU, the entire system is about a year old. One concern is that the 36 Amps the PSU provides is not enough to power a 5870.
  7. The 5870 has two 6 pin connectors, right? That means it will draw 6.5A per 6pin connector tops. You should be OK with it IMO.

    On the brand side of things... I like Sapphire better, but XFX's warranty is better.

  8. As long as you are just running one of them you will be fine with the coolermaster. Nvidia is lagging a bit in technology right now... Brand doesnt matter too much, XFX has a better warranty but the build quality is probably similar in Sapphire, Asus, or Gigabyte.

    As you see below, the 5850 is similar to a GTX 285 and cheaper:

    But this is the real difference: (and the DX 11)
  9. @ Macestun: No, Nvidia are not totally out of the question, it's your money after all!
    If you want to go with a GTX285, then, by all means do so, it will run off your existing PSU providing it has two connectors and its performance is comparable with the HD5850.
    We are suggesting ATI cards because the current Nvidia cards lack DX11, burn more power and are more expensive for the performance they offer, although you may vey well find a good deal on one if you shop around.
    As for brand, read the Newegg reviews (even if you do not live in the USA). If you see an issue that is reported frequently then you know this is a product to avoid.
    If you live in the vibrant USA or beautiful Canada then go for XFX or BFG, I hear nothing but good words for their support and warranties, otherwise, just look for the best deals.
    Do not pay more for non standard coolers for the ATI cards, the stock units do such a good job it's not worth the extra (in my opinion).
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