Athlon II X3 435 - 10,000 RPM stock fan!? HOT? Help!

Hi guys,

I have a Rana X3 435 and unlocked the 4th core lucklly with the L3 Cache to 6mb. Stock HSF unit. No OCing.

Ambient temp is 31c (Puerto Rico). I played Grid for about an hour and left CPUID on to monitor temps. I noticed it maxed 51c but what really surprised me is the fan that maxed to 10,887 RPMS!!

Is the right?

Can it be that unlcoking the 4th core i have incorrect readings?

Right now it's idling at 33c and fan is at ~3,100 rpms. It's pretty hot in here too.

I tried Prime95 and it got to 61c amd 4000rpms before I stopped the test.

I dunno, at idle I think it's okay but under stress it's getting really hot. I am positive the heatsink and fan are seated and installed correctly...

Any reccomendation for an aftermarket cooler? I wish for best value.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. HW monitor spits out random crazy #'s , sometimes double a real reading.
    The fan can spin up to 5K, I believe.
  2. I'm not sure about the fan that comes with Athlon II, never used it, but the copper one that comes with Phenom can hit 5,200rpm.

    I highly doubt your fan hit 10,000, I've seen HWMonitor spit random numbers in the 30k range on me a few times. It's usually accurate, but ocasionally bugs out.
  3. hmm, i see. I was damn worried. My temps are okay?
  4. 60C under heavy load is maybe a bit hot, but then again it's well within specs for the CPU. It may be because your ambient temperature is a touch high.
  5. I am using an Arctic Cooler Pro 64 on my system with no problems,although AC has renamed it ,it is still the same beast works great...:)
  6. Hwmonitor shows my fan reading as 38000RPM!!!!

    ReCheck with speedfan...:)
  7. shubham1401 said:
    Hwmonitor shows my fan reading as 38000RPM!!!!

    ReCheck with speedfan...:)

    Must be a frictionless magnetic bearing then... :D
  8. Back to the unanswered part of his original question - I think the cpu temp is allright.
  9. Yeah its just alright thats the problem.....I never use a stock HSF.....You want cooling you buy an aftermarket HSF and Thermal Paste. I achieve just at 8 degrees celcius above ambient idle and 18 degrees celcius above ambient @ 100% thats with overvolting and overclocking C n Q disabled... BTW my system has never seen above 45 degrees celcius... My ambient temp are between 26 celcius and 29 celcius
  10. That's certainly nice. I'm just saying I don't think he has to be worried.
  11. No he doesn't, your right. I was just saying if he wants it chilly hes got to pay the piper
  12. The stock Athlon II x3 fan is a delta 10,000 RPM fan so the speed you saw was probably rite.
  13. I see. Thanks for the info people. I'm thinking of getting an Artic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro.

    I actually have one intake and one exahust fan. Plus the PSU has a really big 120mm fan too.

    Again thanks!
  14. Because it's cool! :lol:
  15. Yeah man its so cool, you just got to get an aftermarket please chico stick with the stock one. 60 degrees is perfect in 30 degree ambient<sarcasm>. Go ahead and turn the clock up a bit too, it'll be fine. I am sure your CPU vendor will be happy to sell you another processor after this one goes into meltdown mode.
  16. I'll maybe get one if I OC but for now I'll have to settle with the stock one. It idles at 31c now...

    Plus budget was compromised with a new PSU, web cam, and a case fan.
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