How Much Power Do I Need for My System?

Check out my lineup of parts for a new build, and tell me what size power supply I should get.

I will have

Gigabyte 890FX AMD motherboard
Phenom II X4 965 125W processor
2x2GB A-Data RAM @ 1600
HD 5770 (eventually in crossfire)
Single HDD and CD/DVD Drive

I am looking at a 750W supply for this, does that sound about right? I need enough power to do crossfire of the 5770's, from a good solid PSU manufacturer.
I've been looking at this one because of it's 80+, great power, price, and reviews:

Whaddaya think?? :)
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  1. hello, here u can find the awnser:

    at most you will need a good 750w to CF and overclock the CPU, but just use the calculator to be sure
  2. The Corsair 750 is a great deal @ $90.
    You could easily get by with a Corsair 550VX for $20 less - but its just $20, right?

    edit; the 750 has free shipping so the cost differential is even less.

    they told me that 550 is not the right choise to CF an HD 5770
  4. Great PSU at a great price (the corsair 750w). I basically have your system, except for a amd phenom II x3. I also have a 750w PSU, although not corsair, and everything runs perfectly.
  5. Calculator gave me 407W - ??? Seems kind of low.
    If I find a cheaper 600W, would that be enough?
  6. I saw at least one person suggesting a Corsair 550VX. But with the price difference down to about $15 its hardly worth a quibble.

    For this top-end system
  7. The power calculator gave you something within a nudge or two of that chart.
    Do you want to try and find something a bit less expensive?
    Split the difference and go with the Corsair 650TX? lol
  8. you will not OC your Phenom 965?

    for how long are you planing to keep that PSU?
  9. And free shipping.
  10. When you figure in the rebates, discount and shipping.....the 650TX is actually cheaper than the 550VX.
    That doesn't happen every day. And it won't happen after 5/31.
  11. yep, go for corsair 650w, the configuration I want to make is a bit different
  12. Thanks for the quick replies guys.
    Would the 650W leave room for overclocking, crossfire, and possible multiple HDD's?
    If so, I think I will save myself some money and go with the 650W one. Sounds like a very very nice PSU.
  13. Best answer
    Would leave plenty of room for CPU AND GPU overclocking and beau coup HDDs, a few extra fans plus some nice case lighting.
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  15. FrPSh said:
    Calculator gave me 407W - ??? Seems kind of low.
    If I find a cheaper 600W, would that be enough?

    I found that an i5-750 with an 5850 only used 400W even when lightly overclocked (3.3) so I would be prepared to expect a 600W to be plenty.

    I ran 3x4870 in my i7 (3.8) system with a draw of just over 740W from the socket - and an 4870 is more power hungry than your system, and so's my cpu.
  16. zipzoomflyhigh,
    I did read your post, and I really appreciate your answer. But I was getting the opinion of others as well. I want to make sure I have more headroom for future expansion, so I thought a 650 would be a bit safer. The quality of Corsair products will probably make the PSU last for a while, too.
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