Windows factory image recovery issues.

HP Pavilion A6333w Desktop
Windows Vista home premium
AMD athlon 64 x2 dual core 5000+ (upgrade)
Thermaltake Purepower 2.0 350 watts (upgrade)
ECS MCP61PM-HM Nettle 2 (purchased from refurbisher, and came with documents stating was tested ok, installed today)

Really hoping someone can help. I know just enough to get myself in a fix at times but usually keep my stuff cleaned and up and running without a problem.

I had an issue originally a month ago with comp shutting down without any errors or notice. I checked for temp issues first and in the absence of that, I replaced the CPU thinking that could be my problem. That did not work, so I replaced the PSU at the advice of a friend. did not work either...finally after close inspection and some more online research I find info on the motherboard ( ECS MCP61PM-HM Nettle 2 ) saying that it has issues with caps bulging and leaking. I look closer, sure enough...bulging caps. So I replace the Mobo with a refurb. from China ( visual inspection of refurb seems like a new one) and it boots fine and works for 2 hours while im doing the updates. Then it starts freezing. this is bugging me now.

So I look into it on a few tech sites, call a couple freinds, and find people saying clean install back to factory should solve my problem. Guess what it freezes during recovery and wham.... I got nothing but issues now. freezes, windows install error message, freezing some more etc...I cant figure out how to get it to do recovery now. It just keeps going to the windows install error message, and wont boot up windows. Oh and no discs ..partitioned...any ideas? Feeling like it would have been easier to just buy a new pc now. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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  1. WOW just realized something that may have something to do with my issues. I dont know how to fix the issues tho, the motherboard I replaced came from a system with windows XP and my system is windows vista home premium, is that the cause of my recent issues? Because after I finally got it to do the recovery it came up with some code purple crap error message. HELP!
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