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i have windows 7,i5-750,hd5770 my pointer gets bigger on its to fix.gig mother board
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    1. Download @BIOS from
    2. Extract it and run the setup.exe
    3. After installation go to Start -> All Programs -> Gigabyte and right-click @BIOS and choose "Run as Administrator"
    4. Choose Yes in the confirm box
    5. Now you should have @BIOS running :)
    6. Go to Gigabyte's homepage and download your latest BIOS to your specific motherboard (if it is newer than you current which is displayed in @BIOS after "BIOS Sign on Message"
    7. Extract the BIOS into a folder, I created a BIOS folder on the desktop.
    8. Now in @BIOS choose "Update BIOS from File" and navigate to the destination to where you extracted the BIOS you downloaded (in my case Desktop\BIOS)
    9. Double-click on the file which isn't an executable (look at picture). In my case it was the "p55ud3r.f4"-file.
    10. It will display a progress bar which says erasing and writing depending on what it's currently doing.
    11. Reboot and run @BIOS to confirm that the update worked :)
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